A film by Ángeles Cruz

Produced by  MADRE CINE & AMARD BIRD Films

Narrative feature, MX/DE 2017


NUDO MIXTECO talks about women's struggle over the doubts, fears and needs of freedom.

Chabela faced Esteban’s -her husband who migrated to the U.S.A. - absence, and now that he is back, she has to prove that there are things money does not cover.

María was banished by her father because she is a lesbian, she comes back to bury her mother and relive her passion with Piedad.

Toña revives her own pain and comes back to break the silence about the abuse she was victim of and now is her daughter.

Three intertwined stories that occur during the patron saint festivities at San Mateo Peñasco, an Oaxacan Mixteca's town.