An Immersive Cinema Experience by Liz Rosenfeld


is a Speculative Science Fiction work which dives into the psyche of a 16-year-old girl named Ruby and her dream-like states which transport her into futuristic natural landscapes that have been affected by climate change. The experimental narrative is set in the wake of a global energy crisis where the fox is the only mammal left on earth with the ability to reproduce.

Faced with her own reality of coming out as a young LGBTQ person who is part of the last generation of humans, Ruby questions how she can embrace the human apocalypse with a positive outlook and exist as a radical and politicized body in the face of no future. Although environmental destruction is ongoing, Ruby finds enlightenment and solace through her realization that regardless of humanities fate, nature will re-cycle and prevail. What does it mean for humanity to fully submit to nature?


WHITE SANDS CRYSTAL FOXES is an expanded cinema experience with live sound performance that will be specifically created for a full dome/planetarium and 360°. Inspired by the historical notion of a planetarium in regards to feeling the “complex motions of the heavens”, the possibilities of exploring a non-linear experimental narrative through 360° dome projection presents an immersive way for an audience to reflect on the emotionality and personal connections between bodies and climate change.


WHITE SANDS CRYSTAL FOXES will take an audience on a journey through Ruby’s environmental hopes, dreams, and fears. Ruby will find moments of revelation through psychically traveling through landscapes of forest, desert, and pastures. Merging storytelling elements of magical realism and current environmental landscapes that are being affected by climate change, even if we can’t see them, WSCF considers questions relating to queer-feminists dystopias, a positive embrace of the apocalypse, invisible genocide, and the current spread of information about climate change and environmental destruction.