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 A film by marioano biasin



A film by Mariano Biasin

Produced by Tarea Fina in association with AMARD BIRD Films

Narrative feature, ARG 2022


Manuel, 16, lives in a village on the coast of Argentina. He lives with his mother, his father, who is going through a relationship crisis, and his 6-year-old sister Antonia.

Together with his best friends, he is part of a rock band, in which they channel their experiences. One of them is Felipe, with whom he has had a strong friendship since he was very young.

Manuel goes to school. He is in a relationship with Azul, a relationship they are sharing and exploring with a lot of connection.

In this context, Manuel discovers something new and unexpected within himself. A strong attraction for Felipe. A sparkle that wasn't there before, and that makes him see his friend with different eyes.




Starring: Martín Miller, Teo Inama Chiabrando, Azul Mazzeo, Joaquín Arana, Facundo Trotonda, Javier Drolas

Written & Directed by: Mariano Biasin

Producer: Juan Pablo Miller

Associate Production Company: AMARD BIRD Films

Cinematography: Iván Gierasinchuk

Music: Emilio Cervini

Sound Design: Gaspar Scheuer

Production DesignMerlina Molina Castaño

Costumes: Jimena Bordes, Analía Abate

Production Manager: Mariana Ponisio

Casting: María Laura Berch

World Sales: Meikincine Entertainment

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