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A film by Josephine Steffens


Narrative feature, Coming-Of-Age, 80 min, DE/SE in development.


Emelie and Jonna are full of happiness and great expectations on their first vacation abroad without parents.
They can‘t believe their luck: they are just the perfect team!

Here in Trollhättan they will visit the film locations of their favorite film Fucking Åmål.

It‘s clear what needs to happen next: growing up, adventure, sex. What they will learn in this story, is that a friendship like theirs is not only a present, that affinity and intimacy are not always enough to overcome obstacles and conflicts.

It is a story about emancipation. It is about and for youngsters who deal with their individual access to sexual orientation and development unhibited by prejudices. It raises questions about the tension between togetherness and individualism:

Questions that accompany people of all ages throughout their lives, but are specifically acute in teenage years.

Camera for Teaser and Stills by Aline Reinsbach

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